Portable ramps are nothing new, but Laser managed to add some spice and freshness on top. Their revolutionary mini ramp fits into a small van and takes less than 15 minutes to be mounted, while their soon-to-come skate furnitures redefine spaces and times usually associated with skateboarding, creating stories in places you don’t expect. Laser Skateboarding also set up skateboarding inspired event, whatever it's a corporate event with skateboarding flavour or a skate class with kids: they're down for whatever includes some DIY skateboarding.

In the beginning all skateboarding stories tell the same story, which speaks of creativity, perseverance and excitement. 
Then each one of them takes different a different path: now we tell you ours. Our way of living the skateboard is made of contamination, connecting different influences and seemingly distant contexts.
We design our products with great attention to design. Our mini ramp and skate furnitures redefine the spaces and times we usually associate with skateboarding, creating skate stories in places you don’t expect.
This same philosophy guides us in organizing events.
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